Nutrition and Cooking Class

stirring_pot.JPGThis class meets in a demonstration-style kitchen where adults use hands-on experiences to further their knowledge of nutrition as well as their skills in the kitchen. Each week a different “Head Chef” picks out a recipe to prepare in the class with everyone cooperating and cooking together as a team. At the end of class, the chefs get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Once a month thirty-six Meals on Wheels families enjoy a healthy dessert prepared by the cooking class as well as bake sales raising money to help feed hungry children across the country. Field trips include visits to local dairy and organic farms, touring the Piedmont Animal Sanctuary where we prepared food to feed the baby reptiles, even learning about edible flowers at a local florist for an afternoon of English Tea! 

Families: If you would like to join Nutrition and Cooking Class, please fill out this referral form and return it to 208 N. Columbia St. Suite 100 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 or fax to (919) 942-2119 or email to

Volunteers: Interested in cooking and/or teaching nutrition; and available from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Tuesdays, please fill out our online sign-up form or fill out this application and return it to Susan Chandler at

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